We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and our mission is to impact the lives of children and families with healthy, nutritious food. The Food Pantry is a chance for anyone to get grocery products with truly no strings attached.

Since the beginning in 2014, the Food Pantry has grown and changed to better serve our families and guests every week. We strive to not only provide families with food for their table, but we want to be a safe and comfortable place that anyone who visits us can be their vulnerable selves. We want to pray with you. We want to celebrate with you. We want to walk through life with you.

Our food pantry is open one day a week, every week. Because we have been blessed with such gracious community partners, the Food Pantry has a wide variety of products. We have shelf items, frozen and refrigerated products, and emergency food boxes available. After checking in at the drive through, a volunteer will collect all the grocery items, and then load them into the car for you. Our favorite part of every Thursday though is praying with the guests who attend.

The Food Pantry is open every Thursday from 10am to 12:45pm.Please bring a from of ID on your first visit.