It would be impossible to thank everyone who has ever helped The LORD’s Child. The journey through the years has unfolded in ways that only the Lord could have orchestrated and, literally, hundreds of people are responsible for supporting, aiding, and volunteering with this organization. In 2007 Pastor Gene couldn’t have envisaged the numbers of people that God would use to bring His Kingdom to earth from Appalachia to Africa with this humanitarian cause.

The LORD’s Child was birthed in Pastor Gene’s heart from witnessing the poverty in Eastern Tennessee, not only as a child where he experienced it first-hand, but also upon his return to the area in his adult years. Abject poverty had not improved but spread like a virus; wider than he could ever have imagined. Pastor Gene sought the Lord for a name for the cause and the Lord graciously allowed His name to be used to lead the organization into many different parts of the world.

As The LORD’s Child continues its mission today, Pastor Gene has invited the gifts and talents of others to help lead, mold and grow the LORD’s Child into the organization it is today.

This timeline is just a small glimpse into the many people that have been served and have served for The LORD’s Child to accomplish God’s will here on earth.

The History of The Lord's Child