Special Events

Throughout the year, we hold additional, special events so that we can take time to spend with our guests. These are times for all us to come together, and fellowship with our guests on a more personal level. We want to get to know their hopes, their dreams, and their God-given talents.

At the Food Pantry

Hospitality Day

Hospitality Day is a fun, seasonal addition to our weekly Food Pantry. This day is all about getting to be with our guests. While our guests’ groceries are being gathered, we take the opportunity to have a cup of coffee or snack with our guests to spend time with them.

Marketplace Day

Marketplace Day allows guests to shop for specialty items they would not normally be able to afford and that are not typically in the pantry. Points are exchanged for special food items that are collected from our sponsors.

Back to School Program

We understand the strain that buying school supplies can place on a household budget every year. At the beginning of each school year, we provide each child with a backpack filled with basic school supplies necessary for the year ahead.

Operation Snowflake

Christmas is a time to celebrate, and enjoy time with one another. Operation Snowflake provides Christmas gifts and treats for children to enjoy the holiday season that otherwise would go without. Any household with children who visits the Food Pantry can participate in our Operation Snowflake each year.

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